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Can Your Molecular Models Do This?

Introducing RealAtoms

RealAtoms is the first and only molecular model kit that allows teachers and students to model chemical reactions in the palm of their hand! Unlike rigid ball and stick models these models can change their shapes and structures easily, just like real molecules. 

Now with tactile markings to make learning chemistry

more accessible for students with visual impairments!

Reactions in the Palm of Your Hand!


Watch as carbon seamlessly transitions between sp, sp2 and sp​3 hybridization during this 2 step hydrogenation reaction. Other molecular model kits require a lot of effort to change between alkanes, alkenes, and alkynes, but not RealAtoms. One carbon atom is all you need for all three geometries!  

SN2 Reaction

Watch as an ammonia molecule replaces iodine in this bimoloecular nucleophilic substitution reaction. Other molecular model kits cannot show a 5 coordinate carbon intermediate or a Walden inversion of the chiral center, but with RealAtoms the mechanism and stereochemistry are shown with ease!

Explore the World of Chemistry
RealAtoms Does It All
Molecular Model Sodium Chloride NaCl


Quick and Easy Assembly

No balls and sticks to plug into one another

Moleclar Model Ethane Ethene Ethyne


Flexible Geometry

One atom changes from sp3 to sp2 to sp

Molecular Model Chromium Hexaaqua


Model Inorganic Molecules

Make square planar and octahedral geometries

Winner of the 2018 CNE Emerging Innovators

Pitch Competition - Kids Technology

RealAtoms won the 2018 emerging innovators pitch competition, in the category of kids technology, at the Canadian National Exhibition. Click below to see why, by getting your own RealAtoms today! 

—  Dr. Roald Hoffmann 


"I very much like your ingenious magnetic and 'texture' solution to representing the double bond"

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