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About Us

The RealAtoms team is composed of scientists and educators who are leaders in their field. We know what it takes for students to become successful and how to help them overcome the challenges involved in learning chemistry. 

Ulrich Fekl RealAtoms Molecular Models
Ulrich Fekl M.Sc, Ph.D.
C.E.O. and Co-Founder

Ulrich is a professor at the University of Toronto, working with an active research group on the synthesis of novel, interesting, and useful molecules. While some of the molecules made in his lab are purely organic, his group's main focus is on organometallic and inorganic compounds.


Before working at UofT, He obtained his PhD in Germany and completed a postdoctoral fellowship with Professor Karen Goldberg, working on novel platinum(II) and platinum(IV) systems for alkane C-H bond activation. This work has been highly influential on the field and has been referenced over 450 times already.


Ulrich enjoys teaching inorganic and organic chemistry, and it is through these experiences that he realized the deficiencies in existing model kits. After much thought and a few prototypes, RealAtoms was born!

Joshua Moscattin RealAtoms Molcular Models
Joshua Moscattini M.Sc., B.Ed.
C.O.O. and Co-Founder

Joshua is a dedicated teacher, chemist, and entrepreneur with a unique skill set and a passion for all things scientific. He is an Ontario Certified Teacher and currently works as a course and laboratory instructor at Seneca College and as a sessional instructional assistant at the University of Toronto.


Before earning his Bachelor of Education from Brock University, he completed an Honours Bachelor of Science and a Masters in Chemistry from the University of Toronto. It was during his graduate work that he realised teaching science was his true calling.


Joshua has always enjoyed designing and creating works of art with various types of multimedia. His recent projects introduced him to the world of 3D modeling and animation, and his skills have played an integral part in the creation of RealAtoms.

Our Advisors

Judith Poe A.R.C.S., M.Sc., D.I.C.

Education Advisor

Judith Poe

Judith is a teaching stream professor in the department of chemical and physical sciences at the university of Toronto. Her current research and scholarly activity is in the area of chemical education focusing on web-enhanced teaching, active learning pedagogies and problem-based learning.


Judith has been teaching chemistry for over 40 years and currently chairs the Canadian Chemical Education Trust. She has served as president of the Canadian Society for Chemistry and has been a fellow of the Chemical Institute of Canada since 2001.

Cynthia is a professor, entrepreneur, researcher and educator dedicated to transforming science to society. She serves as the academic director of the University of Toronto’s Banting and Best Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (BBCIE) and director of the Impact Centre.

Cynthia is a pioneer in the field of science-student-entrepreneur. She has founded 7 companies through her research group, including the biosensor company Axela and the agri-tech company Vive Crop Protection, and she has helped develop over 130 companies through the Impact Centre’s Techno program.

M. Cynthia Goh Ph.D.

Business Strategy Advisor

M. Cynthia Goh

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